Yummy House choosing to close amid safety concerns and dwindling sales

It was a tough decision but as I said in an interview with The Tampa Bay Times.

Yummy House owner John Zhao said that while none of his employees tested positive for COVID-19, several roommates and family members of a few of his employees did. And even though he was subjecting his employees to three temperature checks a day, staying open felt like too much of a gamble.

“We can’t avoid it,” Zhao said. “There are just too many people out there — I can’t take the risk.”

Still, closing was not an easy choice. By reverting to a takeout and delivery-only operation, Zhao said he had to lay off 80 percent of the staff from his Tampa restaurants.

“You lose money, but what can you do?” he said. “The state or the government has to help us out. There’s no way the restaurant industry can do this for five months. They have to come up with something, or it’s all going to die.”

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  1. I hope you’ll be able to reopen soon.
    I’ve been a fan since my son introduced us to your Sarasota restaurant. Then discovered it was a staple of my family’s in Tampa. Then joy when you opened in Altamonte Springs. Be safe and stay well.

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