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What to Know About Dim Sum?

The new year seems like the perfect time to explore the world of Chinese dim sum dishes. This Cantonese Chinese food has become very popular over the past few decades. It is closely associated with yum cha which means the act of drinking tea. The words dim sum can be translated to imply “touch the heart”. However, it is mostly used for small dishes of food served for breakfast or brunch.

Restaurants that serve dim sum dumplings, stack them in metal or bamboo steamer baskets. People order these by pointing to the tray as they take them across their table.

How to order and eat

Trays of Chinese dim sum dishes are rolled across tables and customers are asked to pick what type of dumpling they prefer. There are mostly over 3 choices offered at once. All you need to do is agree if you love what is presented to you.

People that are unfamiliar with certain dim sum dumplings can decide to try it to experience something new. When your favorite dumpling has not been made, it is easy to order it and they will deliver it to your table fresh.

Dim sum is mostly eaten with chopsticks brush (traditional way). People that can not eat with these sticks have to learn. Some restaurants provide forks to customers.

Kinds of dim sum

  • Dumplings- they are popular types of Chinese dim sum dishes that can be filled with several items. There is a shark fin type that is prepared with shrimp. Pork, carrots, and cilantro. This type is differentiated from others because it has a ridges texture and form.
  • Rice noodles- this is made by wrapping rice noodles sheets around beef, shrimp, or another item. It is mostly served with soy-based sauce.
  • Barbecue pork buns- people that love barbecue and bread can enjoy this item because it combines both items for a fluffy and filling experience
  • Crab claws- this type is preferred by adventurous people. It contains crab claw with the meat still present and is wrapped in ground shrimp and fried.
  • Sauce- this is one of the most important types of dim sum. It is difficult to forget about sauce when in a dim sum restaurant. There are different types like hot mustard, chili oil, soy sauce, and red-vinegar-based condiments.

According to experts, the tradition of dim sum is related to the silk road, where pop-up food stands sell little servings of meals to hungry or homeless people who traveled along road routes.


The exact beginnings of dim sum dumplings are still obscure but the act of consuming them with tea is still actively practiced in China and other countries of the world.

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