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Ways to Have a Great Dim Sum Restaurant Experience

Visiting a dim sum restaurant with your family and friends is always a happy moment. For so many, dim sum is one of the top favorite dishes in China, Korea, Japanese, and Thai. To these different countries in Asia, Dim Sum means different things. These little dishes are so good that it leaves a beautiful memory for anyone who eats it.

You can eat them for breakfast or lunch, and sometimes, as an all-day snack. Either way, you can rest assured that dim sum is a hearty meal, whether eaten at home through delivery or at the nearest dim sum restaurant. Here are some things you need to know to have an authentic dim sum restaurant experience.

1. Taking It with Tea

Before reserving a table at the restaurant, make up your mind about the type of tea you want to drink. The question of what you want to drink is usually the first thing asked when a waiter attends to you. It could be black, green, Jasmine, or Ginger tea.

The choice you make will go well with your dim sum dish. Always remember to open the teapot if you need more tea. It is a form of signal to the waiter to refill your teapot.

2. Use Your Manners

The nearest dim sum restaurant may have a few ground rules for customers. Ensure you always serve other people around you with tea before serving yourself. Never lay claim to any food because you are meant to share.

Do not eat directly from the communal plate, and always ensure that you use your serving spoon when serving others. It is always polite to ask before taking the last portion of the dish.

3. Eat Slowly

Not an easy task to do, especially when you get overwhelmed after seeing the food. Calm down and take one or two spoons at a time. It will give you enough time to enjoy the taste and texture of the dish.

4. Position Your Chopsticks Well

Your chopsticks should always be positioned horizontally on the edge of your plates. Do not leave it standing up because, to Asian people, it is a sign of death. As soon as you are done, set your chopsticks parallel to you across the top of your plate to show that you are satisfied. 


When eating at a dim sum restaurant, one more thing to remember is to never fight to make your bill payment. It is a courtesy to always offer to pay for the bill. If you end up paying the bill, be grateful and expect to enjoy the favor next time.

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