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Tips on How to Enjoy the Best Dim Sum in South Bay

Eating at a restaurant that offers the best dim sum in the South Bay, with your family and friends has its perks to go with.  For a lot of Asian people, dim sum is one of the top favorite dishes in China, Korea, Japanese, and Thai. To these different countries in Asia, Dim Sum may mean different things but definitely leaves a beautiful memory for anyone who eats it.

You can have dim sum for breakfast or lunch, and sometimes, as an all-day snack. Either way, you can rest assured that dim sum is one hearty meal you must-have, whether you want to eat it at home through a delivery system or at adim sum restaurant in your area. Here are a few tips that can help you enjoy a good dim sum restaurant experience.

#1. Pick Your Tea before Anything Else

When you visit the best Asian restaurant in Florida, you will definitely be served tea, so you need to decide on the type of tea you want to drink before settling at a table. It is usually the first thing the waiter asks while attending to you. Do you want to go for black, green, oolong tea? Whatever you choose, do not order beer, wine, or any other drink because dim sum goes well with tea.

#2. Make Use of Your Table Manners

Some of therestaurants that serve dim sum dishes may have certain ground rules for their customers. Do not eat directly from the communal plate, and always ensure that you use your serving spoon when serving others. Make sure you always serve other people around you with tea before serving yourself. Other rules may be included

#3. Check Out the Carts

Not all restaurants that serve the best dim sum in the Florida have carts being pushed through the aisles, however, carts are a good way to get an idea of what looks delicious to eat. Some of them just offer specific types of foods, like roast meats, deep-fried items, steamed baskets, braised poultry, and sweets.

#4. Try To Pay the Bill

Unless you are visiting the restaurant with good friends, be aware that Chinese courtesy requires you to at least try to pay for the meal. Some Chinese friends may want to be generous and attempt to pay the bill, but it doesn’t stop you from making the bold step. Expect to be treated the next time you visit the restaurant. 


Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are other tips that could be of great help to you before devoting your dim sum dishes to the best Asian restaurant in Florida. You just have to ensure you follow the rules for a fun experience. You could decide to go with family and friends too.

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