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The Best Asian Restaurants in Tampa fl

Tampa, a city rich with culture and cuisine, fields some of the best Asian restaurants in Florida. In a single restaurant, you have a flurry of delicacies for you to choose from. If you are staying for a long time, you will certainly have all the time to explore the different restaurants. Also, if you are new to the city, maybe as a student, this list is the comprehensive guide you need to enjoy the sumptuous cuisines from Asia, right here in the United States. From the Chinese Dim sum food to the Japanese noodles, the Asian restaurants in Tampa Flare certainly the real deal.

Dosunco Ramen

Japanese Ramen is a thing of beauty, and no one does it better than Dosunco ramen. It is a very simple menu, but thanks to the years of expertise of the chef, it’s the delicacy of a lifetime. There are also different flavors you can try out. Either the classic miso or the shuyo flavors. They also field vegetable ramen, if you are vegan. And when you are done, make sure you try out their mocha ice cream.

You can find them at 3310 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609.

Noodle Thai

This is a relatively small restaurant. However, they do well in offering class Thai dishes. Every ingredient used in preparing meals is sourced originally. They also field a great staff that makes you feel as though you are actually in Thailand. That’s how warm they are. Some of their popular dishes you should certainly try out are Pad Thai and Phat Si-io.

You can find them at 2602 E Fletcher Ave # 105, Tampa, FL 33612.

Simply Pho

This is the best place to go if you want to experience a Vietnamese dish. There, you will find more than enough Vietnamese-styled dishes. From broken rice to noodle soup, they have everything you need. You can easily customize your order to match your taste.

Beyond their main course, they also provide you with an array of traditional Asian drinks. From lychee juice to plum juice and even soy milk.

You can find them at 13149 N Dale Mabry Hwy F, Tampa, FL 33618.


This is another great restaurant for Japanese cuisine. This Asian restaurant in Tampa FL provides you with a large collection of food to select from. If you ever take sushi from this restaurant, you will certainly

Come back. In their sashimi, there is an almost endless array of seafood to pick from. They also have a cool collection of whatever you want to eat with your rice. From teriyaki to hibachi.

If you enjoy food, you will certainly love their ‘all you can eat option. This causes you to order small portioned meals from the menu for a particular price. So, if you are famished, and you have the time to indulge in some Japanese food, find your way here.

You can find them at 6417 E Country Line Rd #104, Tampa, FL 33647.

One Family

This is a family-owned Asian restaurant in Tampa FL that provides some of the best Korean dishes you will find in the state. They have so many you can choose from. So many options. Either it’s a cold day, or it is a hot one, there is a meal for you. On cold days, you should try out their soft tofu stew. If the ambient conditions are hot, you can go for the Korean barbecue. Though, this may not be the best place for vegans, as they are heavily focused on meat.

You can find them at 7030 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33634.

China Yuan

If you are looking to bask in the euphoria that comes from savoring the dim sum of Chinese food, this is the restaurant to visit. With over thirty years of its existence, China Grill is still in existence and doing great. This tells simply of how great the meals are, and the environment in general. The owners have done a good job in always reinventing the brand, exploring different décor and food presentations. The artistic presentation of dishes such as tempura sashimi with mustard champagne sauce, lamb Osso Bucco, lobster pancakes, etc. will leave you salivating as you dig in. You can find them at 8502 North Armenia Avenue, Suite 1A, Tampa, Fl. 33604.

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