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The appetizing ingredients of Asian Chinese hot pot meals

What is an Asian-Chinese Hot Pot?

There are various types of hot pot around the best Asian restaurant in Florida, and even within a given country, every household can do it a little differently. However, there is a basic hot-pot rule, and it is: people do not ‘hot-pot’ people you do not want. Hot pot is among the most social eating formats. Not only are you gathering at a table to enjoy a meal, but you are also cooking the food together in one pot.

There are a number of regional hot pot variants around China. What makes one distinctive from the other is the broth and the particular ingredients used. Immerse yourself in the enticing ingredients of a Chinese hot pot that makes the taste unforgettable.

At Yummy House, we do offer a variation of Hot Pot. Instead of a pot that you share with your loved ones, we use clay pots with the food already cooked for you. With the clay pot blazing hot, you will receive your food sizzling waiting for you to taste its vast flavor of ingredients. Let’s talk about some options that are typically used in Hot Pot since there are so many different variations.


Fried Pork

It may seem justified to put something already cooked, much less fried, in a hot pot to bake. But you can put fried pork in a hot pot to add a little more flavor to the broth, particularly the spicy broth. Since the meat is already fried, you need to stick it in the broth for a few seconds, and it is going to get juicy and soft when you chew it. 


Minced Shrimp Slide

Shrimp slide is a unique kind of seafood that you can put in a hot pot. The shrimp is finely diced and combined with water and flour to produce a thick paste. It is generally served in a bowl with a spoon to make your own shrimp balls out of it. All you need to do is slip the shrimp slices from the scoop to the hot pot using the gadget. They can also come pre-made or in a cookie paste to make your own, depending on the restaurant. When the balls are ready, they are going to float and be very gentle when you chew them, as they will be filled with broth inside them.


Lotus Root

One of the most used vegetable root in Asian Chinese cuisine is lotus root. It is a root vegetable, pretty tasty to add. The best Chinese food in Florida offers a variety of delicious lotus. It is a good replacement for potatoes. It is crunchy and crisps when it is raw, but it is a little smoother and more aromatic when it is baked in a boiling hot pot. It consumes the tastes of the hot pot very well, but it sinks easily, so you will have it quickly. Depending on how crispy or fluffy you like the root of your lotus, it can take longer to prepare than other vegetables. Each time, choose the lotus root instead of the potato.


Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushroom is a very popular mushroom used in many Asian soup and sauce dishes. Asian-Chinese restaurants want to add oyster mushrooms to their hot pot because of its flavor and health benefits. Although the flavor is moderate, it is very sweet and serves as a decent substitute for beef. It is also associated with lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure.


Soft Tofu

The most famous form of tofu that everyone knows absolutely about is soft tofu. It is undrained and unpressed so that it has the highest moisture content, which makes it so fragile. Even blunt chopsticks are going to be sliced straight into it. Soft tofu retains some of the flavor in a hot pot, making soup and sauces particularly valuable. Since tofu is already baked, steam it up in a hot broth, making it richer and tasty. Be alert when you bite in it, as it is going to melt immediately.


Broad Noodles

These big noodles are made from sweet potatoes. Their diameter varies depending on the area and the chef, but they all get silky and sticky when cooked in a hot pot of broth (due to the special type of sweet potato flour used). They are naturally sweet, but they are excellent at keeping the taste of the broth and the sauce they are soaking in. Sesame, soya, and peanut sauces are ideally suited to this form of noodle as they complement the natural sweet flavor.

If you are fond of hot pot, then you can try this unforgettable meal in the best Asian restaurant in Florida and around the world. Whether it is Christmas, New Year, or just a normal dinner, Chinese people love to share their hot pot with friends and family. You can try the various flavors of hot pot in an authentic Asian Chinese restaurant worldwide. 

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