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Yummy House Tampa - Our continued focus on quality.

Yummy House Tampa - Serving quality and a continued commitment.

Yummy House Tampa on Waters Ave. is our oldest location, but we’ve learned a lot through the years. We have opened successful restaurants in Ocala, Orlando, Gainesville, and Sarasota. Offering authentic Cantonese cuisine as well as Dim Sum at these other locations has built a loyal and strong customer base, enough that it’s time focus back on our first, and original location. We are very thankful for our loyal customers, and those who tell a friend to try “Yummy House in Tampa” for the first time.

There is always a lot to learn in the restaurant business, but offering a consistently great product, remaining passionate about customers and the food they eat will always be a recipe for success, and that is the way it will stay.

Yummy House Tampa on Waters has been open for seven years now, we can’t believe it’s been that long. While placing focus on other locations, we are circling back to what started Yummy House right at our first location, and for those who have eaten at this location - we thank everyone in our community. We will continue to provide the highest quality Chinese cuisine to the Tampa Bay Area.