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Featured in: Tampa Bay Restaurants to try in 2015


Coming up with 12 (and only 12) dining recommendations for 2015 was a tough homework assignment. Unless you’ve been stranded on a deserted island for the past couple of years, you already know who the “cool kids” on the block are, and anyone with even the most remote interest in the Tampa Bay dining scene is familiar with our iconic epicurean jewels. We have decent national chains aplenty, but big chain restaurant dining of any caliber is simply not my preferred experience.

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Yummy House China Bistro, Tampa: Yummy, indeed! This authentic Chinese restaurant offers a sleek, nouveau atmosphere, real chopsticks that don’t come in little paper sleeves, professional servers and a phonebook-sized menu. For you Andrew Zimmern types, outré ingredients like frog, sea cucumber and jellyfish are prominently featured in tantalizing applications.