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Creative Loafing Tampa Features Yummy House Again!

Best Places in Tampa for Asain Noodles

Creative Loafing once again recommends Yummy House on Hillsborough for one of the best choices for Asian noodles.

From the Article: The original Yummy House location was a cozy nook off of Tampa’s Waters Avenue. It was unfortunately damaged in a neighboring nail salon fire late last year, which left faithful Bay area customers with two options: a new location in South Tampa, or the great, big dining room in East Tampa (the mini-chain of high-quality Chinese food also has restos in Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville and Sarasota). We’re recommending the latter and encouraging you to take a deep breath before lifting up the menu, which is literally a book in which nearly two dozen noodle dishes await your already-pursed lips. Lo mein is covered, and the wonton noodles and beef stew (egg noodz or rice ones) both swim in seafood broth. A Japanese-style udon soup does the same, and there are also Singapore-style rice noodles with barbecue pork and angel hair-esque vermicelli noodz. Read the full article on the Creative Loafing Tampa web site.