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A good reason to print the word ‘Yummy’

See our article on - Yummy House Opens in Ocala

A friend maintains that any adult using the word “yummy” is being childish.

So, what’s a dining columnist to do? After all, I’m talking about the Yummy House that’s coming to Ocala. Not only coming to Ocala, but — barring any last-minute glitches — will be open Friday. I’m figuring since this is a proper noun, it’s OK ...

This Tampa-based chain of actual sit-down Chinese restaurants features Cantonese-style fare prepared the way they cook it in Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York. In fact, chefs working at the various Yummy sites to date — three in Tampa and one each in Sarasota and Gainesville — were trained in either San Francisco or New York, said co-owner John Zhoa.

He was trained as a chef in San Francisco.

“I’ve been in a kitchen for 23 years, since I was 12,” he said.

His partner and co-owner, Tommy Tang, was learning Cantonese Hong Kong-style under the tutelage of chef Li Wen.

“People used to call him the ‘Bruce Lee of the kitchen’ in San Francisco,” Zhoa said. “He taught Tommy, and Tommy taught me.

“This is the real deal.”