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How to Eat Dim Sum the Right Way

Dim sum, Chinese food has become one of the most popular Chinese dishes worldwide. There are different variations to the dish; even the best Chinese restaurant can’t include them all in its menu. The different kinds of dim sum are eaten in different ways ranging from the infamous soup dumpling to the classic steamed buns filled with pork. Knowing how to eat dim sum properly allows you to enjoy every bite.

We have customized a dim sum eating guide to help you improve your skill. These tips ensure you have the best experience with every bite. Here are the tips;

  • Start with small bites

Dim sum is not meant to be eaten in one bite; it’s not sushi. The flavors are best enjoyed when eaten slowly. More complex dim sum such as Xiao long has to be eaten carefully. Allow the soup to cool down before taking a bite. Try biting the tip and slurping the soup. Slurping your food is not an etiquette violation in some parts of Asia; it shows that you are not wasting the food or unimpressed with your meal.

  • Go easy on the soy sauce

High-class Chinese restaurants always ensure their dim sum is properly seasoned. Most times, you may not need any sauce. However, if you feel you still need a bit of heat or salt, ensure you start small. Try a little and see how it goes, remember you can’t wash off the chili or soy sauce if you put too much.

  • Use the spoon

In Asia, spoons are used for more than eating soups and broth. They are used to remove meat from bone and maneuver through meals that are more tasking to eat. If you’re having issues using your chopsticks, you can use your spoon to hold the food down while you take out chunks to eat.

  • Do not over order

There is no rule on how much dim sum you can order; order as much as you can eat and keep ordering until you’re full. However, packing some to take home never works well; the dim sum is meant to be eaten hot; they lose all their flavor if you microwave them.

Eating dim sum should be an enjoyable experience. Knowing how to eat them properly makes the difference. To get the best dim sum, do a local search for Asian restaurants in Tampa, FL.

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