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Four Signature Authentic Dishes of Chinese Cuisine You Should Not Ignore

Chinese cuisine is full of color, texture, aroma, and spices that have won over millions of hearts.From introducing a dish on a table to eating habits, is what together makes a mealtime worthy. When it comes to Chinese culture, people often think of popular Chinese dim sum dishes , which they can consume any time of the day with a hot cup of tea.

Some people are far away from tasting the authentic food of Chinese cuisine. Only a few Chinese food lovers know that the national Chinese dish—‘Peking Roast Duck’. Let us continue this write-up with this national and authentic Chinese dish with three others.

Peking Duck:

Duck is known as one of the healthy Chinese dishes that contain all required vitamins and protein. There are various versions of Peking Duck, including roasted, curry, and steamed versions. You will find the Peking duck dish in every Asian Chinese restaurant near
your city.

An authentic Pecking Duck is served with plain rice or noodles with sliced cucumber, spring onion, and sweet bean sauce on the side. If you crave sweetmeat, you can find crispy duck skin deliciously dipped in white sugar syrup.


Xiaolongbao is one of the popular Chinese dim sum dishes served with various chicken or egg soups. Dim sums are dumplings that are stuffed with pork or crab meat.

Xiaolongbao is steamed in a bamboo steamer and served hot with soup at the center of a plate. They are also known as soup dumplings, which can be a bit tricky to consume. The pro tip of eating Xiaolongbao:

· Bite the tip of a dumpling.
· Gulp a spoon full of soup, and.
· Chew down the mixture of several flavors at a time.

Note: Do not eat a whole dumpling at once, as the chances are that you might burn your mouth.

Sichuan Hot Pot:

The hot pot is a pride of Sichuan Chinese cuisine for many years. Every Asian Chinese restaurant near you will have a hot pot corner on its menu. This sizzling dish wakes your taste buds and gives you a sense of Sichuan hot pepper spice.

Sichuan hot pot consists of boiling vegetables and meat in a spicy broth. Not just spicy, but Sichuan pepper leaves a numbing mark on your tongue if you are fond of rich and spicy dishes.You can even customize your hot pot with your favorite vegetables and meat or eggs.

Sichuan hot pot is all about supporting the novelty of this cuisine and appreciating the cooking process. Once the dish is fully cooked, the cook adds a dipping sauce, if you are dining out, you can ask for a peanut dipping sauce for minimizing its spiciness.

Udon Noodles:

Udon is chewy noodles made with wheat dough (a mixture of wheat flour, water, and salt). They are thicker than typical Chinese noodles that can be shaped rounded or flat and served with semi-broth. Udon dough is hard to knead, and some people stomp on it for relaxing the mixture.

Udon noodles are cooked with beef, eggs, vegetables, or shrimps. Originally, they were made in homes, but today they are found in every Asian Chinese restaurant nearby . The noodles are sautéed in black pepper sauce, served with spicy meat broth.

All these popular Chinese cuisines are necessary to try if you look for varieties, flavors, spices, and aroma. Do not only stick to Chinese dim sum dishes , have a look around on the menu, and enjoy delicious lip-smacking dishes presented by Chinese cuisine.

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