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Choose the Delicious Chinese Dim Sum Restaurants

When people hear of Asian meals, the one thing that comes to mind is usually dim sum dishes. Deciding to have a dim sum treat with your friends and loved ones is always a happy moment. This is because dim sum meals are one of the most sought-after dishes in Asia.

However, for the different countries in Asia, dim sum means different things. Nonetheless, these meals are so tasty that they can leave you with beautiful memories. Additionally, these meals can be eaten at any time of the day. Whether as breakfast, lunch, or perhaps, snack. 

If you wish to have an amazing dim sum restaurant experience, well then, this blog might just be what you need.

Dim Sum Dish

Dim sum as you know is one of China’s famous dishes. It’s a range of small Chinese traditional dishes that can be enjoyed either as breakfast or lunch. Most dim sum dishes eaten in restaurants today originated from Guangzhou, China.

Today, one can say that most Chinese dim sum restaurants now have a variety of dim sum dishes with unique serving methods.

How can I have an amazing dim sum experience?

Because dim sum is quite a popular dish, it’ll be nice to have an amazing dim sum restaurant experience with your friends. So, here are a few things you need to know to make that happen

Take it with tea

While having a dim sum dish, it must be taken with tea. Trust me, the tea is as important as the meal. However, before making reservations at a table for a dim sum meal, you need to make up your mind what tea you would love to have.

It could be black tea, jasmine, ginger, or even green. Whatever tea you choose will definitely go well with your meal.

Eat gradually

Rushing your dim sum meal is not the right way to go. But sometimes, when people get excited about their meal, they tend to rush it without their knowledge. With dim sum, you’ll need to be calm. Take it one or two spoons at a time, savor the meal, enjoy the taste and the texture of the meal. This way you’ll enjoy it better.

Also, do not forget that dim sum dishes are eaten with chopsticks. So do well to position your chopsticks well to enjoy your meal. While at it, do not forget your eating manners as most dim sum restaurants may have a few ground rules for their customers.


Dim sum dishes are healthy and delicious. If you live in Florida and would love to have a taste of amazing dim sum meals with your friends, then yummy house has got you covered. Whether you want to eat in or take out, we are just one call away.

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