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John Zhao and Tommy Tang are the founding partners and owners of Yummy House Tampa. Both from Toishan, China, they share the same passion and devotion to the highest quality and standards of Chinese culinary skills. They believe in satisfying the customer at all times, however never fear offering the authentic cuisine of Chinese cooking and educating the consumer.

This quality has set them apart from every other Chinese restaurant in the Tampa Bay area. They have set the bar high where others have been loathe to tread.

Our Story COnt.

John and Tommy can be seen in the kitchen or dining room at Yummy House Tampa or Yummy House China Bistro (on Hillsborough) creating the magic that evolves from their woks! Additionally, watch their staff members and see their faces to know the kindness of their owners who instill respect and happiness amongst their clients and peers alike. This culture is pervasive within the Yummy House Family and leaves an indelible mark on your heart when you leave. Come in and ask to meet them at anytime, but don’t be surprised if they speak with their hands on a wok and their eyes darting around the room to keep the mastery of their product to perfection! Would you want it any other way?

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Top Awarded restaurant in the bay

Yummy House has been awarded yearly being one of the best restaurant in the bay consistently. Don’t just read about us, come find out why yourself.

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